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Professional Grade Fertilizer

Approved by EcoCert Canada as an organic input, Alpha Green Milling Co. Nutrient fertilizer benefits a wide range of businesses. 

Town & Municipality Applications

Alpha Green Milling Co. Pro Nutrient is a revolutionary product that can be used as a fertilizer, soil conditioner, soil amendment, and anti-compaction agent while remaining environmental and safe for humans and animals. Designed specifically for city and municipal authorities with your greenspaces in mind, Alpha Green Milling Co. Pro Nutrient is just as good for your soil as it is for your flowers and grass.

Our Organic alfalfa pellets are plant-based and offer a one-shop-stop solution to the many challenges faced by city planners and park managers. Alpha Green Milling Co. Pro Nutrient is effective not only as a complete soil and plant fertility package, but also serves to maintain the tighter regulations that mandate the use of environmentally sustainable products.

Alpha Green Milling Co Pro Nutrient fertilizer  provides versatility for all greenspace needs:

  • Reduces soil compaction, softens the soil
  • Absorbs up to 4 times its weight in water, helping to improve drought resistance and flood damage
  • Non-corrosive, so lawn care equipment lasts longer
  • Safe for children, pets, and the environment
  • No applicator license required

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Golf Courses

Golf course superintendents and turfgrass managers across Canada apply our alfalfa as an organic fertilizer and soil amendment to address a variety of challenges faced throughout the year. In many cases, turf problems cause unwanted work when the course is the busiest. These problems are inconvenient, but luckily, they are preventable, or at least treatable, with our line of Pro Nutrient fertilizers by improving soil conditions and bringing life back to your soil. 


Greenhouses benefit from using Alpha Green Milling Co. Pro Nutrient alfalfa fertilizers in their potting mixes as a slow-release fertilizer and/or by using the tea as a quick nutrient boost.

The fertilizer’s slow release of a wide range of micro- and macronutrients, minerals, amino acids, etc. make it the perfect addition to potting mix. Unlike conventional fertilizers, it takes approximately two weeks for the plants to make use of the nutrients. When they do, the results are noticeable; the foliage deepens to a darker green, the blooms get bigger, brighter, more abundant, and produce yields increase.

Alpha Green Nutrient Pro is the perfect organic amendment and fertilizer for your greenhouse business!

Lawn & Turf Grass Care

Turf Grass Management Info Sheet (Product has been rebranded from “Alfalfa Green” to “Alpha Green Milling Co. Pro Nutrient” in 2021)

The Effect of Different Rates and Methods of Application of Alpha Green Milling Co. Pro Nutrient on Turfgrass

The impact of different application rates of Alpha Green Milling Co. Pro Nutrient before and after laying turfgrass sod was tested on a plot near WAMCO on heavy clay soils. There were 6 rates with each of the two application methods. Each of these 12 treatments was replicated 4 times. In general, Alpha Green Milling Co. Pro Nutrient was shown to have positive effects on turfgrass growth. The Alpha Green Milling Co. Pro Nutrient applied before the sod was laid showed increases in biomass, cover, and colour.

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School Districts

Alongside municipalities, cities, and towns, school districts are making a conscious effort to use more natural products in their lawn and flower bed maintenance regimes. Alpha Green Milling Co. Pro Nutrient fertilizer is a logical choice. It is safe for the environment, pets, and family while remaining efficient and economical. The 4mm pellets are easy to apply and provide even coverage while being safe for the applicator.

The slow-release characteristics of the pellets mean that there is no risk of nutrient burning and that the pellets will supply nutrients for more than a few days after application. In addition to over 30 macro- and micronutrients, Alpha Green Pro Nutrient fertilizer contains a host of other beneficial ingredients such as available minerals, organic matter, plant fibres and sugars, amino acids, and a naturally occurring plant hormone. Whether you mix Alpha Green Milling Co. fertilizer into your potting soil or broadcast the pellets on the surface of your lawns and sports grounds, you will see the results.

Our Pro Nutrient fertilizer is organic, environmentally friendly, economical, long-lasting and worry-free. Why would you use anything else?

Choose from our three Nutrient types to promote healthy soil and plants in parks, turfs, fields, and green spaces:


100% Alfalfa

Dried alfalfa, ground into a powder, and formed into 4mm pellets.

Perfect for any soil to promote healthy plants.

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Alfalfa + Rock Phosphate

Dried alfalfa, ground into a powder, mixed with rock phosphate, and formed into 4mm pellets.

All the benefits of Nutrient Home Pure, plus phosphorus, calcium, and silica.

Perfect for any soil that requires extra nutrients to promote healthy plant growth.

nutrient vigor plus


Alfalfa + Rock Phosphate + Sulfate of Potash

Dried alfalfa, ground into a powder, mixed with rock phosphate and sulfate of potash, and formed into 4mm pellets. 

All the benefits of Nutrient Home Vigor with additional sulfur.

A perfect boost for sulfur-deficient soils.

Adding Alpha Green Milling Co. Pro Nutrient fertilizer improves crucial soil characteristics such as moisture retention, nutrient cycling, compaction, and structure. Improved soil structure allows your soil to:

  • Retain more water to help with drought-proofing and plant growth while increasing water use efficiency;
  • Absorb more water to flood-proof your turf, prevent erosion, and cleanse your soil of excess dissolved salts; and
  • Increase soil aggregate surface area and the number of micro and macropores, which means increased cation exchange, increased habitat for microfauna and root expansion with increased water movement throughout the soil profile.

Alpha Green Milling Co. Pro Nutrient fertilizer improves soil environmental conditions and brings life back to your soil.

Phytoremediation & Bioremediation

Phytoremediation and bioremediation are quickly gaining ground in the reclamation and remediation industry as being a simple, hassle-free way of dealing with site contamination. If a consultant can get carefully chosen plants or microbes to do the work for him, it cuts down on manpower and increases efficiency.

Alpha Green Milling Co. Pro Nutrient fertilizer has several properties that make it ideal for phytoremediation and bioremediation projects, including:

  1. A neutral pH: Our Pro fertilizer helps maintain a neutral soil pH, making soil conditions the perfect environment for microbial interactions, chemical reactions, and plant nutrient uptake. A neutral pH means the ideal balance of minerals and nutrients are in their bioavailable forms, and microbes flourish. Chemical reactions such as the cation exchange complex also function best at neutral pH.
  2. Organic matter: The addition of heat-processed plant fibres boosts microbe activity by providing a food source for the soil microorganisms. As they digest the alfalfa, their other functions increase in tandem. Processes such as hydrocarbon degradation or nitrogen fixation get a kickstart. As organic matter increases in the soil, overall soil structure improves and allows for increased chemical, biological, and physical reactions. In clay soils, aggregates become smaller in size which allows for more surfaces for cation exchange. Sandy soils see an increase in the size of the soil aggregates which allows for increased cation exchange and the creation of a variety of pore sizes. The soil pores are where the many components of the soil ecosystem interact; increasing pores improves soil science, making the perfect environment for root growth and expansion. Improving the soil structure also enhances moisture retention and absorption.
  3. Nutrients: Pro Nutrient fertilizer delivers over 20 macro- and micronutrients, including amino acids and plant-available forms. Aside from the usual N-P-K, Alpha Green Milling Co. fertilizer slowly releases a broad range of nutrients such as calcium, selenium, and magnesium for optimal soil and plant health.

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