Nutrient Cycling and Regenerative Soil Management

Nutrient cycling is the process by which plants use the biology present in the soil to convert nutrients into plant usable form. 

In nature, plants grow, multiply and provide organic matter through the shedding of leaves or dying off at the end of their life, whether every fall, winter, or end of lifespan for giant trees. These examples provide the soil with organic matter to continue the nutrient cycling process. Both rain and coastal forests are good examples of this interaction. Humans often interrupt this cycle with activities such as tilling, harvesting, weeding, spraying, and through the use (and overuse) of conventional fertilizers. Each of these actions interrupts the life cycle of plants, insects, and microscopic communities, throwing the system off balance, resulting in shortages of plant-available nutrients to grow healthy productive plants.

This shortage of plant-available nutrients creates a situation in which humans tend to use more chemical fertilizers, and more chemical sprays to control weeds and insects, all causing further damage to the soil’s natural ability to sustain plant life. The real question is “How do we reverse the damage we have done?” The answer is understanding the basics of soil biology and nutrient cycling. Simply put – soil is a complex blend of rocks, pebbles, sand, silt, clay, and organic matter.

Nutrient Cycling Example

This blend of materials consists primarily of atoms of phosphorus, potassium, calcium, boron, iron, magnesium, and others that are in a crystalline form and not readily available to plants. Through the miracle of nature, plants produce simple sugars during photosynthesis, retaining up to 60% for their own use and injecting around 40% back into the soil. These exudates attract and feed beneficial microbes, bacteria, and fungi, which in turn, convert those unavailable nutrients and decomposing organic material into plant usable forms. The real key here is the amount of organic matter found in the soil. The more organic matter, the quicker and more efficient the microbes, bacteria, and fungi can make the conversions plant available. 

Alfalfa nutrient fertilizer in hands

Alpha Green Milling Co. Nutrient fertilizers are excellent for adding organic matter and essential nutrients back to the soil. Our blends contain 100% premium alfalfa forage, and depending on which blend you choose, may also contain certified organic rock phosphate and/or sulfur of potash. For centuries, alfalfa has been known to be an excellent source of nutrition for animals and people, high in organic proteins, vitamins, and amino acids. All this powerful nutrition carries the same benefit for communities living beneath the soil. Studies have shown microbial and bacterial populations explode following an application of Alpha Green Nutrient Fertilizer. Unlike manure or compost, Alpha Green Nutrient Fertilizers are completely free of weed seeds and never risk introducing harmful bacteria such as E. coli. 

Alpha Green Nutrient Fertilizers naturally contain over 30 macro and micro-minerals, nutrients, amino acids, and even a plant growth hormone.  By using Alpha Green Nutrient fertilizers not only are you adding organic matter, but you are also adding a wealth of nutrition that feeds both the plants and soil!

Nutrient Pure 3-0-2 contains 100% premium alfalfa forage and provides a significant source of both organic matter and nutrients, simultaneously enhancing soil structure, boosting soil microbes, and improving soil health and fertility. 

Nutrient Vigor 2-4-1 provides all the benefits of Nutrient Pure with an added boost of Phosphorus. 

Nutrient Vigor Plus 2-4-4-2 takes all the benefits above plus additional Sulfur to provide a complete well-diversified blend. 

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