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Animal Feed – Pure Alfalfa Pellets

Western Alfalfa Milling Co. Ltd. is a Canadian leader in supplying high-quality alfalfa pellets into the livestock industry across North America.

Made from 100% pure alfalfa forage grown in fields near Norquay, SK, Alpha Green Milling Co. alfalfa pellets are a consistent source of plant protein as well as a wide range of micro- and macronutrients. The fields are sustainably managed using proper crop rotations to maintain soil health. Cut prior to flowering, the forage is brought to the mill yard just outside of Norquay, where it is formed into 1/4″ (6 mm) pellets with a special process that uses only heat, steam and pressure. This process eliminates the need for synthetic binding agents so you’re feeding nothing but the good stuff to your livestock. Alfalfa pellets are economical, easy to handle, and free of dust, mould, and weed seeds.

Available as Certified Organic by EcoCert Canada or as conventional, Alpha Green alfalfa pellets are natural and packed full of nutrients. Whether you’re feeding beef cattle, dairy cows, poultry, pigs, sheep, horses, bison, or goats, alfalfa pellets are a great addition to your feed program.


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