Land Reclamation & Remediation

Alpha Green Milling Co. Nutrient fertilizer and soil amendment is ideal for all your land reclamation projects. From salt removal, revegetation, erosion prevention, addition of organic matter, boosting microbe activity and populations, degrading hydrocarbons and preventing wind and water erosion, our Nutrient fertilizers can help.

Alpha Green Milling Co. Nutrient fertilizer alfalfa pellets are perfect for all your fertilizer and soil amendment needs. Customers appreciate that the pellets are economical, can be applied with good conscience, and build social license while being environmentally-friendly and easy to use. While alfalfa has played an important role throughout the history of land reclamation, proving itself time and time again to be a wise choice for site revegetation and for its natural nitrogen-fixing properties, Nutrient Fertilizer takes those benefits to the next level.

Alpha Green Milling Co. Nutrient fertilizer is a versatile product, making the pellets ideal for a wide scope of projects:

      • to prevent wind and water erosion in revegetation projects
      • to boost microbial populations in bioremediation
      • to reduce compaction and increase moisture retention on sites with heavy traffic
      • to improve soil structure in clay-based and sandy soils
      • for the remediation of saline and gasoline-contaminated sites, and
      • as a fertilizer in phytoremediation systems

Examples of Using Alpha Green Milling Co. Nutrient fertilizer in Land Reclamation

Our pellets have been used in the reclamation sector in a variety of situations. Below is a comparison of two leases in Southern Saskatchewan. Both were seeded with a native grass mix at the same time, however, the one on the left had Alpha Green Milling Co. Nutrient Pure applied while the one on the right did not. These pictures are taken two years after seeding and demonstrate a significant improvement in vegetative cover in the site treated with Alpha Green Milling Co. Nutrient Pure fertilizer. The site treated with Alpha Green Milling Co. Nutrient Pure has a good establishment of the native grasses, while the site on the right, without Alpha Green Milling Co. Nutrient Pure fertilizer has become dominated by leafy spurge and shows poor grass re-establishment.

Alpha Green Milling Co. Nutrient fertilizers can also be used on areas where soil sterilant has destroyed soil microbial populations resulting in bare spots and nutrient deficiencies.  Alpha Green Milling Co. Nutrient fertilizer gradually builds up microbe populations, helping in the successful reseeding of the area.

Phytoremediation & Bioremediation

Phytoremediation and bioremediation are quickly gaining ground in the reclamation and remediation industry as being a simple, hassle-free way of dealing with site contamination. If a consultant can get carefully chosen plants or microbes to do the work for him, it cuts down on manpower and increases efficiency. Alpha Green Milling Co. Nutrient fertilizer has several properties that make it ideal for phytoremediation and bioremediation projects, including:

A neutral pH: Our fertilizer helps maintain a neutral soil pH, making soil conditions the perfect environment for microbial interactions, chemical reactions, and plant nutrient uptake. A neutral pH means the ideal balance of minerals and nutrients are in their bioavailable forms, and microbes flourish. Chemical reactions such as the cation exchange complex also function best at neutral pH.

Organic matter: The addition of heat-processed plant fibres boosts microbe activity by providing a food source for the soil microorganisms. As they digest the alfalfa, their other functions increase in tandem. Processes such as hydrocarbon degradation or nitrogen fixation get a kickstart. As organic matter increases in the soil, overall soil structure improves and allows for increased chemical, biological, and physical reactions. In clay soils, aggregates become smaller in size which allows for more surfaces for cation exchange. Sandy soils see an increase in the size of the soil aggregates which allows for increased cation exchange and the creation of a variety of pore sizes. The soil pores are where the many components of the soil ecosystem interact; increasing pores improves soil science, making the perfect environment for root growth and expansion. Improving the soil structure also enhances moisture retention and absorption.

Nutrients: Nutrient fertilizer delivers over 20 macro- and micronutrients, including amino acids and plant-available forms. Aside from the usual N-P-K, Alpha Green Milling Co. fertilizer slowly releases a broad range of nutrients such as calcium, selenium, and magnesium for optimal soil and plant health.

The Science

The Evaluation of Natural Source Fertilizers on Kentucky Bluegrass Turf

Alpha Green Milling Co. Nutrient Pure, corn gluten meal, and soybean meal were compared to Milorganite and an unfertilized control in terms of overall effectiveness as fertilizers for KBG turfgrass. The parameters measured were the overall quality of the turfgrass and the clipping yield. Alpha Green Milling Co. Nutrient Pure was shown to consistently produce the highest clipping yield; a clear indication of improved turf vigor with Alpha Green Milling Co. Nutrient Pure.

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The Effect of Organic Alpha Green Milling Co. Nutrient Pure on Yield and Overall Performance of Different Vegetables

This in-house tested the effect of Alpha Green Milling Co. Nutrient Pure (AG), formerly known as “Alfalfa Green” on seven vegetables: green beans, lettuce, potatoes, pumpkin, onions, beets, and radishes. Each vegetable was tested with three rates of AG- a control treatment (with no AG), a low rate (equivalent of 1 mt/ac) and a high rate (equivalent of 2 mt/ac). Each treatment had two replicates, and parameters measured included percent germination, number of vegetables per plant, average weight of produce, total weight and length of produce, and average weights and lengths of produce. Each vegetable had different results, however an overall improvement over the measured parameters were seen across the garden in the plots that had been treated with AG. 

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Study of Alpha Green at Over the Hill Orchards

To test the effectiveness of Alpha Green Milling Co Nutrient Pure  (AG) soil nutrition, a small experiment was designed to measure growth. AG was applied to approximately four acres of sour cherries, consisting of 6 cultivars and approximately 2100 plants. As well as a control treatment, applications equivalent to 1 mt/ac, 2 mt/ac, 3 mt/ac, and 4 mt/ac. It was concluded that the slow release nature of AG provides steady release of nutrients without risk of fertilizer burn

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Alpha Green Milling Co. Nutrient Pure in Composting Systems

Alpha Green Milling Co Nutrient Pure (AG) was compared to common household “Green” ingredients (a.k.a nitrogen sources) such as grass clippings and coffee grounds. The nitrogen sources were layered with vegetable scraps and sawdust in about C:N ratio of about 30:1, then mixed together and watered. Internal temperatures were taken several times a week to monitor microbial activity, and the systems were either watered or drained to maintain an even moisture level. At the end of the 90-day trial period the AGcompost system had already finished composting, and the grass clippings and coffee grounds systems were mid-process. The control system had just gotten started composting. In addition, the AG had temperatures consistently higher than the other systems. The experiment validates the need for a larger, more in-depth study.

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Fact Sheets (Alpha Green Fertilizer was formerly known as Alfalfa Green)

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Pictures of Sites with Alfalfa Green

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