Salinity on the Fairways

Golf Course Superintendents face plenty of obstacles every day. From weather to wildlife, and golfers to gophers, salinity on the fairways doesn’t have to be one of them. 

Fairway compacted

Here at Alpha Green Milling Co., we recognize that salinity is becoming an escalating problem for golf courses across Canada. Salt from fertilizers, pesticides, and irrigation all contribute to the problem of compacted and impermeable soil, unable to establish or sustain any plant growth. But there is a made-in-Canada solution that is not only safe for the environment and wildlife but is also carbon smart and sustainable.

Introducing Nutrient Pure

There is no quick solution to a situation such as this, but there is an easy one. Alpha Green Milling Co. Nutrient Pure pellets enable the soil to sustain plant growth during the recovery period while simultaneously improving soil structure with improved soil biology. The high organic matter of Nutrient Pure Pellets, along with macro and micronutrients repair the soil structure, encouraging microbial populations and improving the vertical movement of oxygen and moisture. The resulting soil is better able to sustain plant growth while flushing the salt away through the leaching process.

Here’s An Example

The fairway in our example was an extreme case. Google Earth gives an overview of the serious issues on this fairway. Years of hard prairie water and conventional fertilizers left it saline-sodic, compacted, and almost beyond repair.

Before Nutrient Pure

The section of the fairway undergoing remediation was roped off to prevent golf carts but remained open for play and foot traffic. The area was then aerated and top-dressed with Nutrient Pure 4mm pellets at a rate of 750kg/500m2 (due to severity, this was 2x normal recommended rate for salt-affected soils). Immediately following the application, and over the next several days, the treated area was then irrigated to push pellets into aeration holes and hasten the entire process.

nutrient pure fairway application

The Results

After a few days of raking and irrigating, the pellets had completely broken down and the area was reseeded. 

fairway overview

Within a few short weeks, the entire area was transformed with new grass and signs of reduced compaction and better water flow. 

Fairway after Nutrient Pure

This process was again repeated the following two springs, although at a much lesser application rate than the first year. By the fourth year, the view from Google Earth shows a complete transformation of the area. 

google earth comparison

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