Fertilizer for Farmers

An approved organic input by EcoCert Canada, Alpha Green Milling Co. Farm Pro Nutrient fertilizers benefit a wide range of crops and soils.

Grow Healthier Crops

With Alpha Green Milling Co. Farm Pro Organic Fertilizer

As consumers become more and more conscious about how their food is produced, many farmers are moving to more natural methods of production. Alpha Green Milling Co. Farm Pro Nutrient fertilizer is the “green” alternative for producers looking to use natural products while still maintaining high yields. Farm Pro Nutrient fertilizers contain a wide range of micro and macronutrients, minerals, and amino acids that feed plants by putting life back into the soil.

Alpha Green Milling Co. Farm Pro Nutrient fertilizers benefit the entire soil complex, from the soil biology to the physics to the chemistry. After applications of Farm Pro Nutrient fertilizer, microorganism populations explode, plant-available nutrient levels spike, moisture absorption and retention increase, and soil cation exchange capacity improves. The soil environment becomes ideal for root expansion and nutrient uptake.

When your livelihood depends on produce yields, healthy plants can make or break your season’s paycheque. With Alpha Green Milling Co. Farm Pro Nutrient fertilizers, you can feed your crops from the soil up and boost those beneficial microbes that convert nutrients into available forms. Get the most from your crops by applying Alpha Green Milling Co. Farm Pro Nutrient fertilizers!

Land Restoration for Crops and Farmers

The ability to restore soil nutrition to your fields is essential to continue harvesting the healthiest crops season after season, year after year. Depleted soils can affect crop growth, health, and ultimately, your bottom line. 

Restoration projects differ from remediation in that the end goal is to restore the landscape back to its original state or better.

Alpha Green Milling Co. Nutrient fertilizers can help address those challenges and increase the successful restoration of post-disturbance landscapes. Our Farm Pro Nutrient Fertilizers build healthy soil ecosystems by boosting microbial activity and by improving soil structure to improve environmental conditions for plant seedlings, soil chemical and physical processes, and for beneficial microorganisms and fungi. Healthy soil means productive crops.

As well as supplying over 30 micro- and macronutrients, plant fibres, amino acids, and even a naturally occurring plant growth hormone, our Nutrient fertilizers are an excellent source of plant fibre and organic matter while buffering pH. Approved by EcoCert Canada as an organic input, Alpha Green Milling Co. Nutrient fertilizers are environmentally-friendly organic fertilizers and soil amendment products perfect for a vigorous crop.

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