Plant-Based Fertilizer

Whether you’re a beginner gardener or a skilled crop farmer, Alpha Green Milling Co.’s line of fertilizers is what you need for your soil.

Our Brands

Our plant-based fertilizer is perfect for everything from gardens and lawns to fields of crops.

The HOME Brand offers our product in a smaller bag, perfect for people who need just enough fertilizer to cover their yard.

The PRO Brand is for municipalities and businesses who need to cover more ground with a bulk order.

The FARM PRO Brand is for the farmers! Acres and acres of crops need a lot of fertilizer to grow strong, healthy crops.  

Everyday Gardening & Yard Care

A natural fertilizer perfect for your everyday gardening needs; grow thick, lush lawns and healthy, vibrant gardens with our plant-based fertilizer pellets. Our Home brand fertilizer will complement or even replace other products that you may have purchased in the past, such as synthetic fertilizers, manure, and peat.

Municipalities, Golf Courses, Parks

Our Pro brand fertilizer offers an easy solution to the many challenges faced by city planners, park managers, golf greens, and more. Designed specifically for municipal authorities with your green spaces in mind, Alpha Green Milling Co. Pro is just as good for your soil as it is for flowers, grass, and green spaces.

Organic Crops & Agriculture

When your livelihood depends on your yields, healthy crops can make or break your season’s bottom line. Choose Alpha Green Milling Co. Farm Pro. With our Farm Pro brand of natural fertilizer, you can feed your crops from the soil up and boost those beneficial microbes that convert nutrients into available forms. 

The Products

Nutrient Pure Fertilizer
3-0-2           100% Alfalfa

Dried alfalfa, ground into a powder, and formed into 4mm pellets.

Perfect for any soil to promote healthy plants.


Nutrient Vigor Fertilizer
2-4-1            Alfalfa + Rock Phosphate

Dried alfalfa, ground into a powder, mixed with rock phosphate, and formed into 4mm pellets.

All the benefits of Nutrient Home Pure, plus phosphorus, calcium, and silica.

Perfect for any soil that requires extra nutrients to promote healthy plant growth.


Nutrient Vigor Plus Fertilizer
2-4-4-2             Alfalfa + Rock Phosphate + Sulfate of Potash

Dried alfalfa, ground into a powder, mixed with rock phosphate and sulfate of potash, and formed into 4mm pellets. 

All the benefits of Nutrient Home Vigor with additional sulfur.

A perfect boost for sulfur-deficient soils.