About Alpha Green Milling Co.

We Are Alpha Green Milling Co.

We’ve grown! Alpha Green Milling Co. is a new division of Western Alfalfa Milling Co. Our mill has been operational since 2000. Within five years, we began growing and processing Certified Organic products. We are proud of our natural lands; no commercial fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides are used on our alfalfa fields.


Alpha Green Milling Co. is located in the middle of North America in the beautiful rolling plains of the Canadian prairies. Alpha Green Milling Co. is a national leader in the production and processing of alfalfa pellets as a slow-release fertilizer and soil amendment. Our alfalfa is grown and processed near Norquay, SK before it is shipped across North America. 

We produce, sell, and distribute over 20,000 metric tonnes of alfalfa products each year to our valued customers across Canada and the world. We farm thousands of acres near Norquay, Saskatchewan. Our dedicated field team harvests these crops each summer and fall to bring in the alfalfa for processing.

We strive to provide first-class customer service and high-quality products. We appreciate our past and current customers.

Our alfalfa fertilizer blends are made from 100% pure alfalfa forage brought in from the field and quality organic rock phosphate and sulfate of potash, processed into pellet form using only heat and steam to ensure nothing but sound nutrition goes into your soil. Alpha Green Milling Co. Nutrient fertilizer line complies with the Canadian certified organic crop production standards and is certified through EcoCert Canada as approved inputs for organic agriculture. This organic stewardship means our product is environmentally sustainable at every level; from initial planting to growing on the field, harvesting, and production, and finally with you, the consumer, and application. 


Our Team

alpha green team

Left to right: Jane Vu, Audrey Bamber, Doug Will, Darren Krushen, Kirk Nilson, Frazer Will, Laura Krantz

The main office at the Alpha Green Milling Co. is the headquarters for the behind-the-scenes work for three separate companies. Along with Alpha Green Milling Co. the Will family and their team run a large conventional farming operation, and the popular Rawhide’s Bistro and Saloon in Stenen, SK.

Doug, Frazer, Spencer Will

(Left to right): Frazer Will, Doug Will, and Spencer Will.

Alpha Green Milling Co. has been operational for over 15 years, as Western Alfalfa Milling Co. We began growing and processing Certified Organic alfalfa products 14 years ago. We produce, sell, and distribute approximately 20,000 metric tonnes of alfalfa products each year to our valued customers, local and worldwide, and strive to provide first-class service to each and every customer.

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